How to help us – Firms


  • Strenghten your brand image
Join us and link your firm with our project and its matching values: dynamism, adventure, social sense, diversity, opened to the world, sharing…
  • Bet on the international aspect
We are going to visit more than forty cities around the globe so if your firm has been extending in a specific area, you might need some figures or any kind of help we can provide? We may help you, don’t hesitate to contact us
  • Control the partnership
There will be no go-between you and us: you can be sure to keep a great flexibility about the broadcasting of your ads.
  • Discover a new way to advertise and seduce clients
Participating in such a human project means reinforcing your brand image for your current clients as seducing new ones.
  • Take advantage of a media impact
We are currently getting in touch with local and regional french mass media. We will regularly send them articles and press releases. We can also wear your logo on our backpacks and clothes, take photos of your logo, poster or mascot in symbolic places and so on.


Read our sponsoring brochure here to discover what we can do for you in addition to participating and organizing meetings to share our experience, exhibitions and communicating thanks to our website which will be often updated as soon as we leave.



  • By lending us or giving us something we need: a backpack, a Lonely Planet book… You can discover the list of the stuff we need for this world tour on the “Equipment list” page
  • By a donation or  by choosing a sponsoring pack


See our sponsoring brochureici

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