Partnerships and special thanks

Special thanks to:

-Nicolas bellet, our dear webmaster who did a lot for us
-Our parents who supported us in spite of their justified fears
-Our friends who also supported us!

Special partnerships


  • AFEV

Created in 1991 by three students, the AFEV was born from the envy to struggle against inequalities in working-class neighbourhoods and to create a link between two youths who barely met: young guys having difficulties at school or simply in life and students.

We are working with the Nantes agency as we will cooperate with a class of young students who will follow us all along our journey; from the first steps to our last stop. When we are back, we will speak in their classes to share our experience and answer their questions.

  • La Maison des Citoyens du Monde, à Nantes

The Maison des Citoyens du Monde was created to develop in Nantes and around Nantes a debate about citizenship while also promoting exchanges in Europe and in the World. The Maison des Citoyes du Monde is:

-A place to meet people, to get informations and to discuss

-A showcase for innovations and thoughts

-A place to develop projects and initatives shared by people and associations by encouraging the participation of young people

-A place where you can learn a lot thanks to the classes organized frequently

The MCM supports us since the first steps. Thanks to their classes and various advices, our project quicly grew. So, we will organize a photo exhibition in their buildings once we are back.


  • The BNP and especially M. Séjournéla BNP

For all the prints they dealt with and their patience.


  • Maybe you?